Angelfall - Susan Ee This book was so epic. It had epic sword fights, romance, action, and an ending that will make your stomach twist in anticipation for the next book. It was absolutely amazing!!!!!

The book takes place in California (close to where I live!!!). Penryn, her mother, and her sister Paige are trying to make it through a world where angels are taking over. But one day Paige is taken by an angel and Penryn wants to get her back. Penryn teams up with an ANGEL named Raffe to get her back. Oooh the romance to come!!!!

My favorite parts about this book were the romance between Raffe and Penryn. I love how they always take care of each other and together they are just both hilarious. Especially Raffe, seriously it like listening to Jace Wayland talk. Raffe is such a smart ass HAHAHAHA!!!

The characters are also all so amazing. My favorite is definitley Raffe or Penryn's mom. Penryn's mom is so crazy and hilarious. Maybe I like her just because she is insane like me. LOL!!!

At the end of the book you find that there is no plot holes. Seriously the only unanswered question is what Penryn's mom's name. Seriously, she is just reffered as "my mom" or "Penryn's mom."

So you should definitley read this book!!! I am sure anyone would love this book. Seriously!!!