Emerald Green

Emerald Green - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell Emerald Green
by Kerstin Gier

Rating: ★★★★★

Overall this book was really good. I enjoyed how the romance played out between Ruby and Gideon. My only problem though was that it felt like the ending was a little rushed.


Okay, so when I was getting to the end I realized that there were only about thirty pages left. I was sure that there was a fourth book that was out and I was the only one that didn't know about, but then as I kept reading I realized that this is how they were going to end the book.
Basically it was just a quick conversation between the count (Mr.Whitman) and then Gideon arrives, get's shot and then we find out he is immortal. All that happened in the span of about fifteen pages. I just was just kind of expecting something with more fighting scenes, or like Gideon get's shot, but then Gwenyth has to go back in time to save him.
It just seemed like the ending was forced and that the author just wanted to end this book fast.
I don't know and please no hate. I am just saying my opinion.
Besides I actually really did like this book

I think my favorite part was when Gwenyth get's stabbed and Gideon and we finally realize that Gideon really does love Gwenyth. It was just so adorable and caught up int the heat of the moment I actually did shed a few tears.

I have to say though that my favorite character has and always will be Xemerious. He was hilarious and in the movie he was so cute.

Anyways I don't usually make really long reviews and so I am going to end this now.
So, thanks for reading and yeah.